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Basalla, Bob
   The Forgotten Principle    Shots Before Your Eyes
   Missing Opportunities    In The Beginning Was The Ending
   Snagging A Button    Deluxe Combos
   Mate is Enough    Talking it Through
   Openings are Ideas, Not Just Moves    Hanging in There
   A Sense of Adventure    Oldies But Not Moldies
GM Boensch, Uwe
   FIDE Trainer Academy Report of the 3rd Course
Braunlich, Tom
   Scholastics and the Soul of Chess
  (Article from Oklahoma Chess Quarterly)
Dr. Ferguson, Robert
  The Use and Impact of Chess
Kitsis, Aleksandr
  Benefits of Chess for Academic Performance and Creative Thinking
  Life is a Game (Article from
   Chess: A Highly Beneficial Game (Article from Cleveland Chess Bulletin)
Chess: Are men smarter then women? (Article from
  •   Part I
  •   Part II
    Chess is a magic tool given to mankind (Article from
  •   Part I
  •   Part II
       School Subject - Chess (Interview from Russian Magazine)
    IM Petronic, Jovan
      European Youth Chess Championships 2005
       4th Open (rapid) Kavala (Greece) 10-11.9-2005
       World Chess Championship, San Luis (Argentina), 27.9-16.10.2005
       European Chess Championships, Gothenburg, 2005
    Skripchenko, Feydor
  • Why and How to Teach Children to Play Chess (Language: Russian)
    A well-known chess administrator and coach, a father and coach of WGM Almira Skripchenko, shares his experience in training young players
    Chapter I Chapter III Chapter V
    Chapter II Chapter IV Chapter VI
  • Chess on 100 squares board. Moldavian version
    Feydor Skripchenko introduced a new chess piece called "Rocket" and the play with new piece passed on a 100-sqares board.
    Language: English
    Language: Russian
    Interview with Alexander Alekhine. The page has text of the interview and a link to the .mp3 audio recording with Alekhine (4 min long).
    The Trials and Trouble of Tournaments (Article from Illinois Chess Bulletin)
    What do educators say about benefits of chess education?
    How the chess queen rose to a place of power
    Chess and Autism (by Karel van Delft)