Join us to enjoy a challenging game and sharpen your skills.
Participate in tournaments - Gain USCF rating points.

Vivacity Chess Center is a place to meet, practice, learn, teach, and develop lasting friendships. Chess breaks age, gender, and racial barriers and allow participants to enjoy an intellectually stimulating activity in a safe environment.

Chess Club
Membership Year starts in September
WHAT: Chess Club offers casual & tournament games, USCF Rated Tournaments and more.
  • Priority registration for Vivacity Special Programs (with an annual fee)
          * Summer Programs (June – August) and Special Programs (Camps,
            Tournaments, etc.) are available for an additional fee.

  • Vivacity's monthly e-newsletter (requires signing up)
  • WHERE: Mayfield Village Civic Center
    6622 Wilson Mills Road, Mayfield Village, OH
    (Near I-271; intersection of Wilson Mills Road and SOM Center Road.)
    WHEN: Check-in @ 12:45–12:55 pm; start @ 1:00 pm on Sundays
    WHO: Chess club is open to adults with established USCF ratings.
          * Scholastic players with established USCF ratings require
            permission from Vivacity’s instructor to participate in the chess
            club activities.
    INFO: Bring a standard chess set and clock (if you have one)
    REGISTRATION: Registration is required in advance to be admitted to any of Vivacity’s Programs. To apply to the program, follow the REGISTRATION Procedure.
    FEE: from $5 per visit, see Annual FEE and FEE per Visit below

    Why Q-Chess at Vivacity?
  • Predetermined pairings
  • No byes … Your opponent is always there
  • Unscheduled rounds
  • Large parking lot
  • Fair outcome: Everyone plays everyone in the group
  • Informal setting in a spacious 60+ seat playing area
  • Face opponents of a comparative strength
  • Friendly atmosphere
    Relax and have fun playing the Royal Game!

    INFO: There may be occasions throughout the year that the Vivacity Center will be closed, where normal dues are paid. This may be due to school breaks, holidays, weather conditions, facility requirements, etc. It is also understood that Vivacity coaches may take up to 4 weeks vacation time off each year where normal dues are paid. On such occasions Vivacity Center will be closed; there will be an advance announcement to all current members with valid e-mail addresses on file, unless there is an emergency. There will be no refund for such occasions.

    Annual FEE:
    An annual payment of $99 must be paid in full BEFORE JULY 30

    FEE per VISIT
    Fee per visit is $5* payable on-site BEFORE a program starts, space permitting
    * Registration is required in advance (see REGISTRATION Procedure)

  • Please note that discounts cannot be combined; the highest discount will be applied
  • For multi-member discounts, both members should adhere to the same payment schedule
  • FAMILY Discount: (with an annual payment BEFORE JULY 30): a 10% discount for every additional family member (for a similar or lesser fee.)
  • REFERRAL INCENTIVE: bring a new member and (with an annual payment) each receives $5 off of the next Vivacity special event! (This discount can be combined with other discounts.)
  • TEACHERS AND CHESS CLUB ADVISORS: $5 off of an annual fee
  • NM/WFM/FM/WIM/IM/GM/WGM = No Membership fee

    For fees paid after the due date add a $25 LATE FEE to the regular fee

    If a check is not honored for any reason there is a $35 SERVICE CHARGE.

    Tournaments’ SCHEDULE
    Tournaments’ RESULTS

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