Chess Puzzles
Challenge 1 - Two Rooks and King vs. King
Challenge 2 - Queen and King vs. King
Challenge 3 - Rook and King vs. King
Challenge 4 - Two Bishops and King vs. King
Challenge 5 - King and Pawn Endgames
  • Pawn and King vs. King
  • Basic King Triangulation
  • Useful Maneuver
  • Challenge 6 - Queen and King vs. Pawn on the 7th Rank
    Challenge 7 - Bishop, Knight, and King vs. King
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      Bishop vs. Knight
    Queen vs. pawn
    Rook (Philidor position)
    Rook (Lucena position)
    Endgame Simulator
    Endgame Lessons (video)
    Challenge 8 - Two Knights vs. Pawn:
  • Two Knights vs. Pawn

  • Two Knights vs. Pawn II
  • Rook endgames:
  • The Lucena Position
  • Tricky Rook + King vs. Rook
  • Endgames for practice:
  • Four Pawns + Rook vs. Three Pawns + Rook
  • Challenging Rook Endgame With Extra Pawn
  • Knight Maneuvering
  • Endgame Training:

      Four Knights
    Introduction to Scotch Game, by GM Davies
    Queen’s pawn (Alapin)
    Queen’s pawn (Torre Attack)
    Two Knights

      Visual exercises
    Visualization Trainer



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