The Chess Program for Schools or Recreation Centers is an education enrichment program aimed at social, emotional and cognitive development of pupils. Numerous studies have indicated that children who take up chess show improvement in math, language arts, and science scores on standardized tests as well as memory and verbal reasoning. Vivacity designs chess programs around school's schedule. We offer programs before/after school and/or as a part of the school's curriculum. We have a program for everyone. Contact Vivacity and we will design a custom program that will fit your needs and budget!

Vivacity offers weekly chess instructions in kindergarten, elementary, and middle schools. Chess classes are taught over the course of a school year as part of the regular school day. Students receive instruction once a week; lessons last a full class period and generally consist of a lecture, a structured activity, and time for free play. Vivacity has developed a curriculum program and workbooks for the four years of chess study. Our program and teaching methods have been proven time and again.

Chess Clubs allow students to play under the supervision of and with pointers from an experienced instructor. Clubs are open to the entire student population; chess breaks age, gender, and racial barriers and allow participants to enjoy an intellectually stimulating activity in a safe environment.

A Vivacity instructor comes to weekly chess meetings to coach the school team for upcoming competitions. If your chess team needs a coach yet does not have a place to meet, the school can schedule a training session with one of our instructors at one of Vivacity's core locations.

Vivacity helps schools set up chess programs at a school location and trains school personnel:
  • Assists schools in selecting and setting up chess software on a school's network and trains school personnel to use the software for chess instructions
  • Offers Chess Club essentials (ex. chess sets, clocks, score sheets, etc.), and instructional materials (ex. workbooks with exercises for every lesson, demonstration boards, etc.)
  • Informs school about upcoming chess events
  • Helps organize chess events at a school location
  • Coaches a chess team to take part in local, state and national tournaments
  • Trains teachers and parents to run a school's chess club
  • Offers support (on-going or as-needed) to schools’ chess programs

    CHESS CAMPS (Summer, Winter, and Spring)
    What do your students do during school breaks? We will bring a Chess Camp to your location, any season, various hours; separate sections are available for all ages and levels of mastery.

    CHESS TOURNAMENTS and Special Events
    Vivacity organizes and runs chess events for schools at either the school’s or Vivacity's location:
  • School or school district championship
  • School Chess Day
  • Lectures
  • Simultaneous Chess Exhibitions
  • Schools’ chess teams are welcome to register for Vivacity tournaments

    Vivacity offers programs for children and parents. Not only does chess develop "mental muscles" but the game also creates a bond between parents and children. This program provides an opportunity for adults (dads, moms, grandparents, etc.) to spend time with their children and introduce them to an intellectually stimulating activity at the same time. Each workshop includes an interactive instruction and ample time for play between parent and child, and/or between families.
    Responses from various chess programs in other states (see articles of Dr. Robert C. Ferguson, A. Kitsis and testimonials of school administrators) indicate that as a result of chess lessons students are more engaged during regular classes. Chess has a positive impact on attendance, motivation, self-esteem and other indicators critical to academic achievement.

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